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UniTT - Conventions: AGICHEM 2011
RSC - Royal Society of Chemistry GDCh - Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 8th AGICHEM conference held in Heidelberg in September 2011. This series of conferences which was launched first in 1991, brings together chemists from Germany and the UK and allows them to learn and discuss recent developments in Inorganic Chemistry. Given the success of the previous meetings we look forward to an equally stimulating event.

Scientific Programme
This conference covers a broad range of topics, including inorganic materials and solid state chemistry, coordination chemistry, organometallic synthesis and molecular catalysis.

Invited Speakers

Polly Arnold (Edinburgh)
Reiner Anwander (Tübingen)
Euan Brechin (Edinburgh)
Stefanie Dehnen (Marburg)
Andrew Goodwin (Oxford)
Matthias Driess (TU Berlin)
Deborah Kays (Nottingham)
Thomas Fässler (TU München)
Richard Layfield (Manchester)
Andreas Grohmann (TU Berlin)
Rab Mulvey (Strathclyde)
Bettina Lotsch (LMU München)
Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge)
Franc Meyer (Göttingen)
Ivan Parkin (UC London)
Karsten Meyer (Erlangen)
Robin Perutz (York)
Jun Okuda (Aachen)
Matt Rosseinsky (Liverpool)
Michael Ruck (Dresden)
John Slattery (York)
Manfred Scheer (Regensburg)
Andrew Weller (Oxford)
Sven Schneider (Erlangen)
Dominic Wright (Cambridge)
Oliver Wenger (Göttingen)

The official language of the symposium will be English.

We are very grateful to the following organisations for their assistance and generous support of the meeting: the Royal Society of Chemistry - Dalton Division, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker - Wöhler Vereinigung, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Organising Committee
Lutz H. Gade (Heidelberg)
Peter Tasker (Edinburgh)
Markus Enders (Secretary, Heidelberg)
Neil Champness (Nottingham)
Ben Ward (Cardiff)
Claudia Wickleder (Siegen)

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